DK Search, Inc.
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View of Downtown Wilkes-Barre

The history of DK Search dates from inception of the firm in July, 2003 and stretches back over 25 years of successful HR experience. Recent possibly relevant assignments have included:

•    CEO - Mobile Dwellings (Manufactured Goods)
•    CFO - Sports Equipment (Manufactured Goods)
•    Director of Manufacturing - (Medical Devices)
•    Director of Human Resources - (Healthcare Insurance)

The scope of the practice is global, with principal activities out of the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania office.  Industrial search experience includes Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Health Care, Metal Fabrication and related areas. Areas of particular functional expertise, in addition to a high volume of general management, include manufacturing, engineering, administrative (to include human resources and finance), sales/marketing, quality, purchasing, research and development.
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